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Homeowners often overlook the need for roofing maintenance. Why? Most homeowners don’t have
time to get up on their roofs and check if everything is okay. However, it can be very expensive to
repair or replace a roof and the more extensive the damage is the more it is going to cost. Therefore,
as a homeowner, your first and foremost concern should be the condition of your roof. Proper roof
maintenance acts as a safety barrier from snow, rain, and hail.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the advantages of regular roof maintenance.

1. Extend the life of your shingle roof with maintenance

The average lifespan of a roof usually ranges between 25 to 50 years. However, if you purchased an
older home roof maintenance is a necessity to check for any damage. Any cracks in your shingles or
missing ones could lead to larger problems in the future. Also, if you live in areas with extreme
weather variations it’s important to schedule regular maintenance to remove any debris.

Roof maintenance can seem like a waste of money to a lot of homeowners but in the long run, it ensures
the optimum health of your roof.  Roof maintenance of your house whether it is asphalt, metal, slate
or wood-shingled, each kind of roof requires a maintenance checklist that homeowners should

2. Energy-efficient roof

Regular roof maintenance will ensure your roof lasts a long time and performs at optimal efficiency.
Your roof contributes to your home’s insulation and ventilation. If you have an older roof, it’s less
energy efficient as heat can dissipate faster throughout your home during the winter months.

Attic insulation can prevent moisture from seeping in and eroding your home’s structure. If your house
has proper ventilation, it prevents humid air from being built up indoors, mitigating mold
risks. If you notice mold in your home, it could be a sign of a roof leak.

3. Shingle Roof Maintenance Will Increase Home Value

You know that saying that if you take care of things, they last. If you take proper care of your house,
it will increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future. However, if you ignore
issues such as mold growth, it can escalate to new concerns. It’s important to do annual maintenance
checks around your home to eliminate any risks. The value your home can bring you, in the long run,
depends on the things you do now. It doesn’t have to be crazy renovations, it could be simple things
like painting your home to help repel dust, dirt, and allergens.
Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Get your roof checked today to eliminate risks
that could damage your home in the future. Contact 180 Contractors today!

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