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If you’re going to pick a side, choose vinyl siding. Any other type of exterior just doesn’t stand a chance. Sure, there are other important things like color, color scheme, what type of door you choose, but if you want your house to have style and protection; vinyl siding it is. And with vinyl siding, you’re not alone. Current research indicates that 30% of new homes include vinyl siding and that number is constantly rising.

The benefits of vinyl siding are many, which is why we’re positive it won’t be hard to convince you when you’ve finished reading this:

Vinyl Siding saves you money in every way… that’s right, every way. Being energy efficient; saves you money. Being low maintenance; saves you money. Using materials less expensive than cedar or pine; saves you money. First and foremost, vinyl siding is affordable. Let’s put it this way; cedar siding costs up to two and a half times more to purchase and install.

In addition, vinyl siding is very low maintenance. Once it’s installed, there is very little cleaning to do and your vinyl won’t wear and tear. In fact it is highly weather-resistant and doesn’t even have a surface for dirt and crime to stick to. Finally, on top of that, vinyl siding provides great climate control, saving you more on your next energy bill. That sounds like a whole lot of saving.

Vinyl Siding has all the appeal… If anyone has ever told you that vinyl is unsightly or cheap, then they haven’t seen today’s vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is far from what it used to be. Today, vinyl siding is highly customizable. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, and textures.

Some vinyl siding options can even pass as wood. And the best part is, there’s no finish required (also saving you money), but more importantly saving you time. You’re guaranteed to love your home’s exterior forever. If you change your mind and want a new paint color, simply paint over the old one.

Vinyl Siding is durable and eco-friendly… Hard to imagine a material that’s green going in and putting green out, but when you don’t have to use paint, filler, or caulk, fewer toxic chemicals are put into the environment. Vinyl siding is also eco-friendly for your home because it is moisture resistant and energy efficient, making everything about your home well, green.

Typically, under normal weather conditions, vinyl siding that is installed correctly can last for 50 years. That’s 50 years without changing the chemicals or materials, and letting the environment be. That’s 50 years of climate control for you, decreasing unwanted heat loss and gain. Most vinyl siding is made from chlorine salts and natural gas ethylene; both of which are naturally occurring chemicals, which means vinyl siding is truly free from the inside, out.

You’ve probably glanced at a house with gorgeous siding, but never knew it was vinyl. If you’re looking for an affordable, durable, cost-effective way to upgrade your home, vinyl siding is an excellent option. Customize the color, shape, texture, and style, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with your design- and your ‘new’ home.

180 Contractors is a Michigan based home improvement company that prides itself on having the highest workmanship standards in the industry. Our vinyl siding replacement or new installation services ensure your home is protected year-round! From energy efficient to decorative accents, we are able to create a custom style that you deserve. 180 Contractors has helped countless residents throughout Michigan with the repair and new siding installation only working with the highest quality manufacturers. Call today for a Free Onsite Estimate!

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