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If you’re a homeowner, then be a smart homeowner. Although we are all looking for our ‘happily ever after’, the average person will live in approximately 11 houses in their lifetime. That’s a lot of moving, buying, and selling properties with the hope for some profit. So, until you get to that 11th and final home, you should always be thinking about pay off and value.

It all begins with home renovations and remodeling, beginning with the exterior of your home.

What are pay off and value?

Anything that pays off yields positive results, and when it comes to your house, the most positive result is more money. For this reason, adding exterior updates to your home that pay off, should in the long run, bring in more money than you spent on the update. Similarly, value in real estate refers to the worth of a piece of property; your property. Increasing the value of your home means hopefully being able to sell it for more than you purchased it, therefore making a profit. Now that you can talk the real estate lingo of pay off and value, continue reading to learn what top 3 exterior updates you can add to your home to achieve both.

Install new entry doors

If there’s one thing your home surely has a lot of, its doors. Entry doors, garage doors, every room in the house has a door, but in this case, we’re talking specifically about exterior doors. The bottom line is: if you have an old or ugly door, replace it. If it came with the original house you purchased, replace it. Doors are a one-time, fairly inexpensive purchase. These days entry doors can be quite the work of art and add great visual appeal to your home. Doors have approximately a 91% resale, so you know you’re getting that much of the money you spent, back. In addition, we recommend looking for a steel door if possible. Steel doors are energy efficient and increase the security and protection of the home. Energy efficient and better security are two excellent selling points for your next buyers.

Replace the siding

Vinyl siding is yet another feature that comes with the home but shouldn’t stay with the home forever. You get it, right? The siding that’s on the exterior sides of your home faces weather damage, dirt and debris, and potentially made an excellent wall for your child’s ball to be thrown against. In no matter of time at all, siding can become worn out, both in quality and in the way it looks. In addition, several buyers are aware of the common problems with siding that was poorly installed, including durability and mold, as seen in the news. Don’t let buyers underestimate the quality of your siding, if you replace it before you sell it, then you can say that you know it was recently and properly installed. Plus, siding has a resale value of approximately 79- 83%, which means you could get anywhere from 79- 83% of your money back.

Window replacement

You might be replacing those single-pane windows for the sheer look of it, but the truth is, buyers admit that energy-efficient windows are at the top of their list. These can include a variety of windows such as triple-pane, insulating glass, or those with low-e insulating glass. It is important to note that although the government does have an energy-efficient window standard, it is dependent upon the climate zone in which you live and therefore may not be what buyers are hoping for. Window replacements are easy to do and have a 74% recoup value; so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

When it comes to updating the exterior of your home, you want to hire a trusted and reputable contractor. 180 Contractors is a trusted Michigan based company that specializes in residential home remodeling services and home improvement. Our residential construction services include new window replacement, home insulation, siding, entry doors, exterior home improvements, custom decks as well as any additional general construction requirements.

180 Contractors prides itself on having the highest workmanship standards in the industry. All projects done by us will go through a plethora of quality assurance inspections so you can expect the highest attention to detail and quality installation of any product you choose. Call us today for a Free Onsite Estimate!

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