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Many homeowners assume they must wait until spring before replacing their siding. It may seem impossible to complete this work when snow covers the ground and temperatures are suitable only to penguins. However, if your siding needs to be replaced, there is no need to wait for the spring thaw.

Residential siding installers can have your house looking like a new build no matter the weather.

In fact, there are many advantages to tackling your siding project this winter.

No Need to Worry About Your Landscaping

During the warmer months, crews must spend additional time working around your landscaping. They must take extra precautions to ensure against flattening your bushes. This adds time to the job, resulting in more expense and inconvenience for the homeowner. When installation is completed during the winter months, your home is already looking fantastic by the time the spring buds appear.

You Lock More Heat Inside Your Home

We all like to stay toasty in the winter, but no one likes high energy bills. Reducing winter heating costs is one perk of having siding installed during the winter.

If you like seeing an immediate return on your investment, winter is the perfect time. As soon as your new siding is installed, your energy use will plummet. The added insulation also makes heating the home easier on your furnace, increasing its longevity. When the temperature warms up and the dog days of summer roll around, you’ll also benefit from siding that keeps the cool air inside.

A Convenient Installation Time Is Guaranteed

Off season isn’t just a great time to buy clothes or book discount vacations. It’s also when you can get the most convenient, hassle free siding installation. Contractors aren’t as busy during the winter. Rather than having to compete for time slots, you can have your choice of time frames. If you schedule in advance, siding crews have loads of flexibility and can help you schedule the most convenient time. You may also score a discount.

Increase Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal

Out-of-date siding makes homes look old and unmaintained. Those are not impressions that boost curb appeal or property value. New siding makes your home shine as if it was just built. Why not make your home look brand new for the holidays, or give it a facelift during those dreary winter months? When the leaves are off the trees, your home is most visible. Why not show it off with brand new siding?

Despite the many pros of having siding installed during the winter, there are some disadvantages to consider.

Winter Weather Can Cause Challenges for Crews

A snowstorm could crop up, and that will certainly force a change in plans. Extreme cold or ice could also create obstacles for the crew. Even if the weather allows for work to be completed, the crew may run into issues with cold and ice that slow them down, requiring a longer time for the job.

Unexpected storms and extreme cold can delay work for several hours or even several days. Excessive snow buildup can also wreak havoc on time schedules. Despite these disadvantages, it’s important to remember that storms can occur during any season and cause delays.

Cold May Affect Materials and Equipment

Some equipment and materials suffer breakdowns due to winter temperatures. When working with vinyl siding, contractors must be cautious because plastic can become brittle and prone to cracking in the cold. In addition, some paints won’t dry effectively below a certain temperature. Contractors may be forced to delay work until temperatures rebound.

Pneumatic drills, which are a key tool in siding installation, require extra maintenance during cold temperatures. They must be warmed up several times daily. Regular flushing is also required to prevent the fluids from freezing. This can mean more time for job completion.

Less Daylight

The short days can also limit the work that can be done. However, in view of the thin construction volume during the winter, completing jobs within the short daylight hours is far easier.
Siding can make an older, outmoded home look like the latest model. Many homeowners have plenty of time to think about new siding for their homes during the winter but may not realize they don’t have to wait for spring. If they schedule their siding work for the winter months, they can pick the most convenient time, benefit from reduced energy costs for the rest of the winter and get the best possible price.

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