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There are few things more satisfying than a pressure washing before-and-after video, which is why pressure washing has become a major trend on TikTok in recent years. Clips of people cleaning cement, bathroom showers, wood decking, and even siding have gone viral on #CleanTok, with some videos racking up millions of views.

However, as with most internet trends, you can’t always trust popular opinion, and this trend may be more damaging than it looks. When you think of your home’s dirty exterior, you may be wondering, “Can power washing damage vinyl siding?”

Let’s take a look at everything you should know before you bring out your power washer.

Can Power Washing Damage Vinyl Siding?

The short answer is “yes.”

Vinyl is a hard surface, but it isn’t as hard as other construction materials like brick or stone. With too much force, the protective surface of your vinyl siding can wear down. The same is true of asphalt shingle roofs, which is why some homeowners end up looking for instant roof quote software after damaging their shingles by accident.

As their name suggests, pressure washers can reach extreme pressures. The powerful blasts of water can reach up to 3300 psi in some pressure washer models. This high pressure can damage your vinyl if you aren’t careful!

Power washing will often strip away any paint you’ve laid over your vinyl siding. In some cases, the force of a pressure washer can create tiny cracks and holes in your siding. It can also force moisture into these openings, which can lead to rotting, mildew, algae, and mold.

Power Washing vs. Soft Washing

What happens if you choose to clean your vinyl siding at a lower pressure?

This is the idea behind “soft washing,” a cleaning industry term that’s gotten more and more use in recent years.

When you soft wash a surface, you use a low, safe water pressure. This makes the process great for sensitive or vulnerable surfaces. Homeowners should always choose soft washing over power washing for asphalt shingle roofs and vinyl siding.

Expert power washing services will often blend cleaning detergents with water for extra cleaning strength. This can help kill surface algae or mold with less water.

Soft washing is not without all risks. If your vinyl is older or worn, soft washing may still force water into tiny crevices. However, soft washing is a much safer option than power washing, and the chances of causing damage tend to be low.

Getting Professional Cleaning

If you choose to clean your vinyl siding, we always recommend working with a professional power washing company.

Though you can buy or rent a power washer on your own, and it’s easy to find gentle cleaners to remove algae, an expert will clean with a keener eye. Even better, they can help you prevent expensive damage to your siding. This can help you enjoy your home’s exterior for years to come!

Be Gentle on Your Vinyl Siding

Now that you’ve stopped wondering, “Can power washing damage vinyl siding?” it’s time to get your property’s exterior cleaned! The right tools and techniques can preserve your siding with less risk. As long as you work with an expert, you can feel confident that your siding will look beautiful and stay intact.

If you’re hoping to repair vinyl siding damaged by a pressure washer, or if you want to install new siding, get in touch with the team at 180 Contractor! Take advantage of our free on-site estimates by calling us at 248-714-9158.

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