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Michigan winters can be treacherous, with temperatures often falling below freezing and snowfall averaging 60 inches. These harsh conditions have many people asking, “Can you replace a roof in the winter?”

Wintertime roof replacement is possible, and oftentimes even a better option than a summer or spring replacement. Read on to learn more about the roof replacement process in the winter.

Signs Your Roof Should Be Replaced

The first step to a winter roof replacement is knowing when to replace a roof in the first place. Here are a few of the most common signs that it is time for a new roof.


Leaks are one of the most obvious reasons that your roof needs replacing. If you see beams of light coming through the top of your house, then there are holes in your roof that need to be taken care of immediately. Stains or streaks on the inside of your roof can also signal water leakage.


If your shingles look like they are curling or warping, then you likely have issues with your shingles that should be addressed as soon as possible. It is also important to look for missing shingles or shingles that are wearing away.


Generally speaking, roofs last about 20 years. If your roof is more than 20 years old, then it may be the next natural step to get a new roof.

Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter? What You Need to Know

You can absolutely replace your roof in the wintertime. The experts here at 180 Contractors have all of the resources needed to correctly install your roof during the cold winter months. Here’s how we handle replacing a roof in the winter.

Equipment to Prevent Falls

The most important part of winter roof installation is safety. We ensure that our crews are safe and protected by bringing along the proper equipment to prevent slips and falls in icy conditions.

Warm Materials

When installing a roof in the winter, we store the roofing materials in our warm truck. This will ensure that the materials don’t freeze and can be installed correctly.

Attention to Detail

Many people would argue that winter is the best time to replace a roof. When crews replace roofs in the summertime, they rely on warm temperatures to automatically seal the shingles. Without this natural sealant in the winter, crews have to hand-seal each shingle.

This attention to detail ensures that the sealant bonds properly. Although this process takes a bit longer, you can be sure that each shingle on your roof is safe and secure.

Let Us Help You With Your Roof Replacement Needs

So, if you were asking yourself, “can you replace a roof in the winter,” the answer is yes. Replacing a roof in the winter is possible and sometimes preferred.

If you are thinking about getting a roof replacement in the near future, then feel free to contact us for more information as well as a free estimate.

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