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Benefits of impact resistant shingles


Advancements in the construction industry have been developing better metal roofing material every time. The development of impact-resistant shingles is a new type that can make your home’s roof completely resistant to any environmental condition- hail, snow, or wind.


What are Impact Resistant Shingles?


Generally, the purpose of roofing shingles is to install a wind-resistant, watertight seal to protect the roof from any environmental damage. Shingles are separate pieces that join together and lay down a roof made from material like wood, asphalt, metal, slate, wood, or clay.


Shingles that are impact resistant can be made of resin, aluminum copper, and plastic. They come into class 4 products designed specially to confront high winds and hail damage. These singles have a resistant rating of UN 2218, the roofing industry’s highest standard labels after testing shingles during the impact of hail falling at high speed. The result resistant shingles also withstand high winds up to 110mph.


Benefits of Class IV Impact Resistant


Class IV impact shingles have been proved to be the best choice by thousands of homeowners. The reason behind this is the damage they face after wind and hail each year, but those who installed such roofs experienced more robust roof support withstanding even damaging storms. Shingles are worth the investment because of the integrity of tiles that demand significantly less long-term maintenance and repair costs.


1. Extended lifespan


Impact-resistant shingles can undoubtedly improve your home roof’s lifespan with their properties of enhanced durability and strength. They can maintain integrity against all hails. Manufacturers also offer 50-year warranties.


Additionally, they have the class A fire rating that contributes to improving lifespan. The strengthened roof does not allow any leaks and lessens the chances of interior damage.


2. No crack, no water damage


General roofs get dent after hail, debris, and intense storms, which leaves them to damages, water leaks, and expensive repairs. However, impact roof shingles that stand even under severe weather situations save you from irrelevant water damages and extravagant repairs.


3. Save long-term costs with impact resistant shingles


After you spend on class IV impact-resistant shingles, you are eligible for your long-term savings. As they can stand up to any climatic condition, no repairing costs lead to your huge savings. Standard shingles don’t need regular maintenance or refinishing too.


If you reach insurance companies while purchasing class IV shingles, you get discounts from insurers. The possible savings can be 30% off your monthly insurance premiums. It is another cost-saving factor on shingles.


4. More resale value


Impact-resistant shingles are found to increase the resale value of the home. Buyers like class IV shingles’ longevity and low maintenance costs, so they prefer the house with them more than others.


5. Versatile appealing options


If you are unsure about the design and look shingles to be provided in your house, you no longer need to be. It comes in a variety of styles, designs, and colors from which you can choose easily to resemble your other materials such as wood or anything that complement the appearance of your home.

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