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Common Roof Leaks


Water breaking through the ceiling is a matter of extreme concern. The last thing you would want is the water breaking through your ceiling and scrambling to look for buckets to catch the water. It is not possible for you to find the type of damage. In this post, we are going to highlight some of the common roof Leaks so that you can identify the leak and understand the solution on how it can be repaired.

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Pipe Boot Failure:

One of the common roof leaks is pipe boot failure where the boot that is attached around the pipe fails to work. A boot is actually a type of roof flashing and goes around the base of pipes that comes out of your roof and waterproofs them. The various types of boot for a roofer are lead, copper and plastic. The main job of a roof is to stop water from the pipe into your room. Generally, the pipe boot lasts for 10 years but location and weather can decide how long it will last

Where does the leak show up?

The leak can show up in any place of your house be it the bathroom or the closet. Try to look at your roof in the area of the leak, this can show which pipe is causing the water leakage.

How can it be repaired?

The simple way to repair is to install a small rubber collar over the top of the cracked pipe boot. The collar will encase the existing flange and should last for around 10 to 15 years.


Roofing Nails Backing out of Shingle:

Another common cause for leaks is when a roofing nail backs out of a single. This can happen with both air- nailed or hand nailed. Generally, if a nail is not driven enough sideways it causes the head of the nail to back out of the shingle. Now when it starts raining the water catches the head and comes down to your rood falling the nail inside. Not only on roofing nails but it also happens on decking nails. If you find any nail sticking up on your roof there are high chances that there will be a leak.

When does the leak show up?

The leak could show up anywhere. Anywhere the nail is improperly driven the leak can occur there

How can it be repaired?

In order to repair the leak, you have to break the shingle, lift the shingle, pull the nail and move it. Now if the nail wasn’t driven properly, then you have to pull it out, drive it in properly, lay some ice and water shield above it. After the nail has been driven through the shingle, then the shingle is again resealed. If you find that the decking nail has not hit the wood, then the nail needs to be moved so as to catch the rafter. After this, the nail hole is filled with cement and the shingle is resealed.


Debris clogging gutters that stop above a roof-line under a valley

A valley is a place where two roof meets in a V shape thereby allowing the water to flow down a roof freely. When a valley stops in the middle of the roof it will have a gutter so that the water can continue flowing down. Generally, the problem happens with the fascia, the fascia is the board that runs along the edge of the roof carrying all the gutters. Such a leak doesn’t happen in normal circumstances. It happens when there is an extreme downpour and the gutter gets filled with debris and leaves it sends the water through the path of resistance. When the water gets to the soffit which is the underside of the lower edge of a sloped roof, behind the gutter, the water can travel anywhere causing great damages

Where does the leak show up?

The leak happens when the water gets underneath the soffit. The leak will depend upon where the gutter is located. This is also the area wherein in case of a leak the water will start entering your home.

How can it be repaired?

The leak can be repaired by loosening the gutter and installing 3 pieces of flashing. The flashing is placed behind the gutter on the roof and then the last piece is placed under the valley.


Wear and Tear of Chimney

Now a chimney can leak in several ways, this can be a metal flashing that goes under the shingles surrounding the chimney or it can be a problem with mortar joints. Generally, when it rains heavily for some days the bricks and mortar joints get saturated. It gets so saturated that the water starts getting to the interior of your house causing great damage to the walls and ceilings. Sometimes your chimney can be leaking if the masonry top is cracked due to being wet and freezing. In a chimney siding, the water can travel to the corners thereby rotting the boards.

Where does the leak show up?

The leak from a saturated chimney can show up into the walls around the fireplace. If you have a chimney caps, the leak will happen inside the fireplace.

How can it be repaired?

It is better to hire a roofer if the leak is from the flashing around the chimney or from the mortar joint. In the former case, the roofer will reflash the area and in the case of the mortar joints, they will have to apply a masonry water repellent to seal it. In order to repair the leak from a chimney siding, try to hire a competent carpenter. Hire a properly licensed roofer so as to handle the repairs for the chase top of the chimney.


Improper Installation of Skylights

Generally, the main cause for a skylight to leak is the lack of properly following the installation procedure for the skylight.

Where does the leak show up?

A skylight leak can be easily guessed where it can show up. If there is a leakage then from that spot the water is going to reach your home.

How can it be repaired?

In order to repair a skylight leak, the cladding and flashing kit is taken off and an ice and water shield is put around it. Thereafter the flashing kit is again put on. This gives a watertight seal so as to keep the water out


Collar Failure around a gas vent

The gas vent is a metal pipe with a cap coming out of the roof. It is another common roof leak spot. These are extremely important as it makes sure that any carbon monoxide coming out from gas appliances is vented out through the roof. Generally, leaks don’t happen around it however if there is heavy downpour water can splash under the collar and lead to water running down the pipe

Where does the leak show up?

The area where the gas appliance will be connected to the leaking gas vent pipe is where the water will seep in. Do not try to venture which gas vent as it can lead the carbon monoxide to mix up with the air in your home. Call a roofer immediately when you notice this.

How can it be repaired?

Since such a leak is around an HVAC installed component, it is best handled by the roofer. The roofer will try to carefully raise the collar, seal it with a dark color caulk and slide the metal collar back into the sealer. It is to be carefully done by the roofers as the carbon monoxide in any circumstance cant go inside the house.

Now, these were some common roof problems that you may have encountered or can encounter. However, this gives rise to some questions


Do you need a roofing contractor?

It is always safe to call a roofing contractor as incorrect repairs may lead to bigger problems. However, if you are someone who has good construction experience and done some previous repairs, with the help of resources you can work on the repairs of the Common roof leaks. Just remember that quality roof installations play a very important part to repair roof leakages.


When should you call a roofing contractor?

The answer is pretty simple, you should call a roofing contractor as soon as you notice the roof leak. You really don’t know what the damage is, if there is one leak there can be several others.  One of the best roofers that you can get in touch with 180Contractors. 180 Contractors prides itself on having the workmanship standards in the industry. All projects done by them possess a plethora of quality assurance inspection so you can expect the highest attention to detail and quality installation of any product you choose

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