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Harsh weather and heavy rain can take a major toll on your house—especially if you live in an older home. To prevent water damage and keep your roof safe from intense weather, there is no better tool than a roof water diverter. But what exactly is a water diverter, and how can it protect your home? Read on to discover all the benefits of a roof water diverter.

What is a Roof Water Diverter?

A roof water diverter is essentially a tool that prevents water from falling off of your roof in specific areas. They can be easily installed with help from a trusted roofing contractor and usually sit just beneath your roof’s shingles. When it rains, the diverter will keep water from cascading off the side of your home, making them especially useful for those who don’t have traditional gutters.

The Benefits of a Roof Water Diverter

While preventing water from flowing uncontrolled off the side of your roof is an obvious advantage, roof water diverters can do much more than that. Here are four benefits that will have you installing a water diverter right away.

Keeps Water Away from Doorways

If water is allowed to run freely down the side of your home, coming and going can be a challenge. Roof water diverters keep water away from doorways to ensure you won’t be splashed leaving the house. Plus, diverters can also keep water away from exterior air conditioning units so the equipment can continue to run smoothly.

Prevents Water Damage

Roof water diverters can also prevent water damage to your home. Since they block water from naturally cascading off the side of your home, it is less likely that water will seep into the nooks and crannies of your siding and cause internal water damage.

Protects Your Landscaping

Without a diverter, heavy rainwater will pour in sheets off of your roof. This continuous onslaught of water can be extremely damaging to any plants you’ve arranged next to your home. This diverter will prevent rainwater from damaging your plants, leaving your landscaping healthy and pristine.

Makes Saving Water a Breeze

Some homeowners choose to collect water in a rain barrel for various reasons, whether it’s used for watering plants or even cleaning equipment. Roof water diverters make it easy to collect plenty of water; simply install your diverter to direct water toward your rain barrel and use it to save money while keeping your home green.

When it comes to installing a water diverter to your roof, there is no better partner than 180 Contractors. Serving homeowners across Southeast MI, the team at 180 Contractors has the knowledge and resources to get the job done right. Get an estimate today and take the first step toward installing a roof water diverter.

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