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A house may not be a home without the people who are living in it, but you definitely can’t have a home without a roof. We’ve all been there. We can live with leaky faucets, an unchanged light bulb, and maybe even carpet that is slightly worn out, but a house needs a roof. A damaged or failing roof makes you susceptible to the outside environment; rain, snow, and even the sun, while also putting you at risk of injury from your own roof. Don’t wait until your roof has a gaping hole to fix it. Learn what the warning signs are so that you’re ready to take action before your roof does. Continue reading and you’ll know exactly when, not if you need a new roof.

What are the warning signs of needing a new roof?

Missing pieces

If pieces of your roof are missing, it’s safe to say pieces of your roof are MISSING. This means your roof is already to the point of damage, and getting it repaired is no longer an option, it’s a must. If shingles are missing, even if you can’t see holes yet, chances are there are some, or there will be very soon. This means your home is no longer protected from the elements, as well as insects, rodents, and any other creepy crawlies you’d much rather keep out. At this point, it is important to hire a professional, to see if the shingles can be replaced or if the whole roof has to go.

Low is the first to go

The ‘low’ valleys of your roof are the most susceptible to erosion from debris, weather, even leaves that remain built-up can damage your roof, because water does not drain properly. These areas will show wear and tear first, which means if you’re not careful, the rest of your roof could be next. If you want to keep the outdoors out, and the indoors in, make sure you talk to a professional about the condition of your roof.

Down the chimney

Santa isn’t the only thing going down your chimney. If you have an older home, or haven’t checked your chimney in a while, it is important to make sure the flashing is watertight and undamaged. Flashing is the point where the chimney meets the roof and older methods used a type or tar that could erode over time. It is best to update your chimney with metal flashing, but still make sure that even metal flashing is securely attached. Otherwise this is a highly vulnerable place for water to enter.

Water damage

Speaking of water, water damage is one of the most common killers of roofs everywhere, and one of the easiest signs to tell. If your walls or ceiling are wet to the touch, that’s a sign of water damage. If there are stains from water that has dried out, that’s a sign of water damage. Chances are this damage could have come from the roof, so it is definitely high time you take a closer look.

Shingles everywhere

Sometimes, your shingles don’t just fall out. If you start to notice little granules on the ground or in your gutters, and they begin to increase, these are bits of shingles slowly eroding, and it means your roof needs a checkup. Hopefully you can replace just a few shingles and not the whole roof, but leave that decision up to the professionals.

How do you know

If you’ve had a checkup, your roof deserves one too. If you’ve never thought about the quality of your roof since purchasing your home, it should be time to. There is no general standard for what age your roof has to be in order to get it examined. Like any other part of your home, it should be looked at regularly, if you would like to prevent the inevitable. Everyone will suffer damage to their roof at some point or another, so the question is how prepared will you be. Where you live and the conditions your roof faces make a difference as to how it will withstand. Keep your family and everything you loved protected by contacting a roofing expert today!

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