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Is My Home Well Insulated?

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to find out that your home’s insulation is failing. When winter blows in and there’s nothing but a chill in the air of your home, you’re going to wish you paid attention to the signs that your home’s insulation is under-performing. There’s ways to know before it’s too late, if you pay attention to what your house and the weather is trying to tell you.

While cold spots are the obvious sign that you’re facing an under-insulation issue, there are more nuanced ways to find out your home isn’t being insulated as well as it could be.

From energy bills to water and ice buildup. There are many ways to tell that your insulation isn’t doing its job.

We’ve outlined some of the most important signs to look out for if you fear your home isn’t insulated properly.

Cold Spots

This is obvious but needs to be said. If you experience a temperature fluctuation in different rooms, at different spots in rooms, or even in the walls or windows, chances are the insulation is failing. You’re not supposed to have drafts within the home, so presence of colder air, distributed strangely throughout a space, is a sign that you have an insulation problem.

Excessive Amounts of Pests

While the first instinct when you come across an infestation of rodents or bugs is to call an exterminator, you might want to make another call to a pro for insulation. Because those pests are getting in from somewhere. The same way cold air takes advantage of gaps in the insulation, pests do the same thing. So if you’ve got a pest problem, take a look at the cause because it might be your insulation.

Frozen Pipes & Ice Dams

If pipes in your walls are frozen or ice dams are forming on your roof, it’s a good indicator that your insulation is failing. Pipes freeze when they’re exposed to cold temperatures because insulation is not keeping the heat from your central system. As for the ice on your roof, this results from heat not staying contained and melting the lower layer of snow on your roof which then refreezes and forms sheets of ice.

Related Questions

How Does This Affect My Energy Bill?

Your energy bill is going to be another place where you’ll want to look for the possibility of an insulation issue. Because the heat doesn’t stay in the home, your heater will constantly kick on to try and get the house to a stable temperature. This is also true in the summertime for the AC system as the home becomes unable to hold in cool air as well.

How Do I Fix Bad Insulation?

If you decide you’ve got an insulation problem, start by assessing the situation and taking inventory of where it’s coming from. Do some research on the type of insulation you want to install and research local pros. While it’s possibly to insulate yourself, consulting a professional is recommended, especially for insulation around power outlets. There’s plenty of handy tools out there to help you calculate your cost.

Don’t wait until it’s unbearable to deal with bad insulation in your home. There are ways to tell something is wrong and it can be an easy fix if you do the right amount of research and preparation. Calling a reputable local Home Improvement Contractor is a great place to start.

180 Contractors is experienced with insulation services including: blown-in insulation, fiberglass or cellulose blown-in insulation in the walls, attic, crawlspace, and more. Whether you’re looking to prevent ice dams, reduce energy bills, or just insulate a wall – our team of qualified experts can help you today, beginning with a Free on-site estimate.

180 Contractors is your insulation contractor specialists. Call us today to learn more about our Home Improvement Services!

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