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How to find roof leak before it becomes your headache


No one wants their home roof, a leaky or drip, drip roof, but it’s important to know what you should do when the situation ever occurs. When it comes to roof maintenance, preventing problems by taking small steps is much easier and less costly than waiting for the damage to occur and trying to fix it then—catching a roof leak before severe damage can prevent many issues that can arise from water leakage. How to find a roof leak:


If you are also the one who is not inspecting your roof regularly, you probably won’t see any signs of the leak until it has become a severe problem.


Inspecting for leaks in the roof


Inspect the signs of a roof leak


The first-ever signs you get of a roof leak are the sound of dripping water that may occur during the rainy season. But there are several other signs you should keep in your mind, including-


• Water stains on the ceiling.

• Musty smell.

Damage shingles.


Properly examine your attic


When it comes to a roof leak, it’s crucial to investigate your attic. It would help if you took a flashlight to examine any hard-to-see areas. Look for water stains on the ceiling and roof sheathing.


In case you have no attic space, check signs of roof damage. If you are living on rent, ask your property manager or landlord to do so. They will go for a contractor to fix your problem.


Hose down your roof


If you haven’t found the leak after such investigation, you need to test it with water. It would help if you had a helper who stays inside the home where you first locate roof leak. Then you need to take a garden hose and go up on your roof and begin spraying your ceiling. Have your helper call you when dripping water begins.


Spend time on each area, moving slowly from one section to another. Thus, your helper under the roof would find the source of the leak or any suspected site after he notices the proof of water stains or rotting wood from the shingles.


Ask for the help of a professional


Don’t depend only upon a DIY fixer to resolve the issue causing the leak since it’s possible to do severe damage to your roof. Undoubtedly you can make repairs where you can. You can replace damaged shingles, fix plumbing vent boots, and replace the caulk around vents, chimneys, and window edges if you find any leak around them.


Contrarily, It’s important to ask the help of a professional roofer that can accurately determine the problem and provide an efficient solution, in case you can’t find roof leak. If the problem seems beyond the external damage or any structural problem, call the expert as soon as possible. They can solve even your complex problems in less time. Your complicated issues can include replacing whole roof flashing, complete roof replacement, or installing heat cables.


Calling a professional is the time when you want to enjoy your cozy and dry home without any hard work done. It’s time to understand the requirements of your roof damage and take action.

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