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How To: Prepare for Roof Replacement

Getting ready to Prepare for roof replacement can be most definitely daunting. But, sometimes, going for a roof replacement is the better and more economical option. If your roof needs repairing and high-cost maintenance every once in a while, then it shows that something might be very wrong with your roof. Either it is the shingles that are not suitable for the weather in which you live in or maybe the installation process wasn’t up to the mark. You’ll notice that owing to these issues your roof is causing you a lot more trouble than what its characteristics are supposed to be. For such a situation, a complete roof replacement will save you a lot of money, would increase the market value of your house if you wish to sell it and would also ensure a longer stay at your home for you.

But, preparing for a roof replacement isn’t a child’s play. You need to take into consideration a lot of factors such as the exterior and the interior of your house, your family members, your kids and your pets. A roof replacement has a direct effect on all these important parts of your life and thus, it is suggested that you take proper measures before delving into this long-drawn process. In this blog, we’ll discuss these steps that you ought to take when it is time for you to prepare for a roof replacement.

Preparing For Roof Replacement On The Exterior Of Your House:

  • Clear your garden and protect your plants- If you have any statues, stepping stones, plants, fountains, bird houses etc. in your garden, then you must move them immediately. During the roof replacement process if a single roof shingle fell on any of these items, then it would cause a lot of damage. The plants in your garden, be it potted or planted in the soil, need extra care. You can place a tarp or netting over your plants for protection.

  • Steer your vehicles out of your garage- You need to clear your vehicles out of your garage a day before the roofing professionals arrive with their supplies and trucks. Later on, it might become a bit of a hassle to get your car out of your driveway as the roofers would need to use your driveway throughout the day. It isn’t a good idea to keep your car in your garage mainly because the garage roof is seldom insulated and is prone to damage caused by dropped shingles or equipment.

  • Mow your lawn and mark the sprinklers- The tall grass blades of your lawn will make it difficult to locate leftover debris, shingle pieces or nails. Cut your grass so that this process becomes easier and is less risky for your family. You may not be able to move your sprinklers, so mark them with a tape. This will ensure that the roofers do not trip over it.

  • Locate an electrical outlet- The roofers would need to make use of electrically driven equipment on your property and would thus need a workable electrical outlet. If you have one present in the exterior of your house then make sure it is working and if you do not have one, then you must prepare to leave a window or a door open so that they can use the outlet from your house.


Preparing On The Interior Of Your House:

  • Secure your glass windows: During the process of roof replacement, falling roof debris can cause heavy damage to your windows if they aren’t protected well. Until your old roof gets removed completely off your property, you must ensure that your windows are secured with wooden boards.

  • Clear and protect the attic: Most people use their attic as a storehouse for precious and valuable goods that have an emotional attachment to them. Before the roof replacement process begins, make certain that all of these items are shifted to the lower floors and your attic is protected with tarps and drop sheets. This would help you clean up the place off dirt and dust afterwards.

  • Fragile objects need to be protected: The drilling and hammering during roof removal can knock off a lot of your home décor and wall décor items. It would be wise to take off wall décor so that they don’t fall off and break during the process. Glass items need to be secured with utmost care because broken glass can be a cause of great concern. Mirrors, shelves, vases, dishes are extremely fragile and breakable objects and should be secured in a place where there wouldn’t be much vibrations.

  • Remove roof accessories: Your roof accessories need to be removed immediately and would need to be reinstalled after the roof replacement is done. Accessories may include Television dishes, panels for solar energy, satellites etc. Due to the removal of these essential items off your roof, there might be interruptions in television or network connectivity.


Preparing Your Children And Your Pets For Roof Replacement:

  • Comfort and soothe your children and pets- Removing and installing a roof is a noisy process and can take a toll on your kids and your pets. The loud banging may disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of your house and cause much distress to your kids. Comfort them with toys or noise blockers so that they do not face any problem while coping with this issue.

  • Relocate your pets: If the noise gets too loud, it may cause your pets to have a very tough time. To make things easier for them, you may have your pets stay at your parent’s or friend’s place. You can also opt for a kennel service for as long as it takes to install a new roof and clear off all the debris.

All these are essential steps that need to be taken to prepare for roof replacement process has begun. After the completion of the process, make sure you have inspected the roof and cleared your driveway and your garden off of debris, nails and other harmful leftovers. Only after you have made certain that your new roof is completely well placed and there are no issues, you may proceed to pay your builders.

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