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When it comes to benefits, windows offer quite a few from safety and comfort to the beautification and visual lift they give to a house, but how often do you really need to switch them out?

How do I know it’s time to replace or repair windows?

If your sash or frame has become warped, you want to improve your curb appeal, or you’ve acquired your very own fixer-upper, it can be a good idea to switch out the window fixture that you currently have.

Feeling air seep through a closed window, hearing outside noises louder than before and condensation on the inside are also tell-tale signs your windows need replacement.

Minor repairs are well suited for minor problems such as weather-stripping but major issues such as a warped form or similar types of damage such as broken windows warrant a new one. Simply repairing them can cost much more than new ones and the weakened structural integrity can put a question mark next to your building security.

Windows are such a prominent feature in your home if you are giving the general exterior of your home a facelift, leaving in worn or old editions can bring down the entire look of your house, it may be best to switch out the old design for something more new and modern.

This is the same for individuals who may be doing renovations to what we call a historic home. You won’t want to detract from the history and character of the house but it is still possible to acquire a historically accurate replacement that enhances the value and beauty of the structure.

How long does this process usually take?

The actual installation does not take very long, on average a single window can be done in just thirty minutes. Depending on the size and type it could take longer. The process of booking a contractor, having measurements done, preparing all the fixings you may need and installation can take up to two months, so waiting until the date you need them to get started may not be a wise choice.

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How long will they last?

On average new windows can last up to twenty years when done right. You will need to protect it and do regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure its longevity but based on the life expectancy, any replacements done can be considered a good investment.

Windows keep you warm, protect you from the external elements, provide a level of home security and add to the beauty of your house. Maintaining them and replacing when necessary is the first step to ensuring you and your family keep reaping these wonderful benefits.

Calling a local trusted contractor will help determine if you need new windows. If you live in Michigan, 180 Contractors is your source for window replacement and installation. We have installed windows on a variety of homes throughout Michigan. We listen to our customers and work hard to address all the unique design, budget, and functional needs of your project. Working with top product manufacturers and experienced window replacement experts, we provide our clients with recommendations and solutions to their window needs. We also specialize in siding replacement and roof installation. Our residential home improvement services are the highest quality workmanship around. Call us for a Free On-Site Estimate!

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