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Roofs are easy to take for granted. They are durable but deteriorate slowly, and deterioration occurs where the homeowner can’t see it. This leads to a false sense of security that is often shattered when the roof starts to leak. Most residential roofs last 20 to 25 years, though there are some that last longer.

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s important to have it inspected and prepare for the upcoming roof replacement.

Are you wondering what the signs of a deteriorating roof are? Here are eight ways to tell when your roof may be in trouble.

Inspect from the inside

Luckily, you can inspect your roof without having to risk injury by climbing up a ladder. Just go to the attic and shine a flashlight at the ceiling. Look for stains and streaks, which are signs of water damage. Also, look for any light coming through from outside. If light is making its way in, you likely have some missing shingles.

Know when the roof was last replaced

When was your roof installed? Remember that roofs are meant to last for 20 to 25 years. If the roof is older than that, be sure to inspect it from the inside and correct any damage. When roofs reach this age, they inevitably have problems and, as with an old car, there comes a point where replacement makes more sense than frequent repairs. A roofing professional can inspect the roof and audit it for damages. It’s better to plan ahead for repairs or replacement than gamble on being greeted by a flood from above.

Are the neighbors replacing their roofs?

If you live in a subdivision where the homes were built at the same time, consider a roof inspection if your neighbors are replacing their roofs. Chances are yours has some damage as well. Knowing your roof’s condition makes it much easier to plan ahead.

Look out for drooping or sagging spots

Drooping and sagging spots should put you on red alert. Water damage may be corroding the roof. If these sags and droops are ignored, the structure of the home is imperiled. Have these damage spots inspected by a roofing professional and fixed as soon as possible.

Look for moss

Moss growing on the roof is a bad sign. For moss to grow, water must be present. In all likelihood, the water that feeds to moss is trapped underneath the roof surface, where is can do corrosive damage. Moss on the roof requires a roof inspection.

Check on the shingles

It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected as it gets toward the end of its life or if you notice signs of deterioration. A roofing pro can safely climb up on the roof and inspect for damage. He or she will look closely at the shingles. Cracked or curled shingles need replacement. Often, the problem is widespread and other problems also abound. It may be wiser to replace the roof rather than pay for expensive repairs only to need a roof replacement a short time later.

Missing shingles

Remember, shingles are meant to keep the water out of your house. Often, a storm or a long winter results in shingles falling off and leaving bald spots. Replacement needs to be done quickly in order to prevent damage to the overall roof structure. Once water seeps in through the bald spots, it quickly rots the wood underneath. Get shingles replaced immediately. During the next rainstorm, you’ll be glad you did.

Check the flashing

Flashing seals, the area around the chimney and vents. It needs inspection every few years. When flashing is damaged, water has a way in and will cause the structure underneath to rot. Metal flashing systems provide superior durability.

Home ownership frequently means coping with repairs and replacements. Roof replacements can be especially challenging because they tend to sneak up on people. Since you can’t see most of your roof, it’s difficult to know when deterioration has set in. Often, leaks are the first thing the homeowner notices. By the time leaks occur, the roof has already sustained terrible damage and replacement may be the only option. To prevent a roof replacement from sneaking up on you, watch for signs of roof deterioration and have your roof professionally inspected.

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