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The weather takes its toll on your roof. It can, sometimes, reach a natural end to its life and function for your home and sometimes a few devastating hits can suddenly ruin the integrity of the structure. Sometimes it’s obvious that a roof needs to go: clear damage from a storm, a few bouts of bad weather in succession. But sometimes it’s not so obvious. Sometimes the season isn’t always ideal either.

But how do you know it’s time for a new roof and what’s the best approach to getting your roof installation in winter months?

Winter, in general, makes the adhesives of certain roofing types—such as shingles—much more difficult thanks to the low temperatures. Other materials, like metal, are easily replaced in the cold weather.


Sometimes it’s not so much obvious signs as much as it is about simply looking at the calendar and doing some math. If your roof is at least 20 years old, it’s time for a replacement. While a lot of roofing is designed for durability, it doesn’t last forever and there are other problems like ventilation and moisture that can speed up that gaining process.

Growth on the Roof

You may see dark stains on your roof. That’s a type of airborne algae that attaches to the roof and is, more or less, a simple cosmetic problem. But something like moss is not. Moss can grow between shingles where moisture gathers and apart from being an eyesore, it also will keep moisture held against the roof and can cause serious structural issues and eventual saturation and leaks.


When shingles start missing granules, start curling up, or start peeling and breaking off, that’s when you know its nearing time to get some new roofing up there. The roof may also just look worn down and old. This isn’t just a cosmetic issue. It can hurt the integrity of the roof if you don’t get it replaced and spruced up.

Related Questions

Can You Do a Roof Installation in Winter?

It is possible, and necessary if you have an emergency. But it’s not ideal. The low temperatures can have an adverse effect on the adhesive that shingles use. In some cases, the sealant won’t even activate until the temperatures permanently warm in the spring.

What Are My Options?

If you don’t have serious or widespread damage you can do spot replacements until the weather is better for a full replacement. Metal roofing also can be replaced without issue in colder weather.

Keep an eye on your roof, look at what your neighbors are doing, and do research on best practices when it comes to your roofing type and age. Although a new roof can be installed during the winter, it’s not ideal so planning ahead in the warmer months is wise. Overall, Yes you can do some roof installation in winter

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