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If you’re doing a renovation on your home, you want to make sure the change matters. And what better way than an upgrade? If you’re looking at updating your vinyl you want to make sure what you’re doing is truly going to be a plus from what you have now. Vinyl is the common siding found on homes and, depending on your climate and style of home, you could have several other options out there for yourself. It’s all a matter of research.

Knowing some of the popular types of vinyl siding that is available is a good place to start along with a few key considerations.

Some questions to ask yourself going in are how much water you expect to get, how energy efficient you need it to be, what look you’re going for, and cost. This all is going to play into what kind of new siding you’re looking for. Some are cheaper, some are more robust in the weather, some are better looking. Weigh what you need going in.

Here are some options of the most common residential siding types for upgrades.


Shake siding gives an instant rustic look to any house it goes on. Traditional wood siding is high maintenance and prone to attack from pests such as termites or woodpeckers. Vinyl shake is designed to look like real wood with the durability of of vinyl. It’s good in most types of weather, low maintenance and pretty cost efficient for the look you get.


Clapboard is incredibly common and has been in use for over a hundred years to build houses. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a form of upgrade. There’s a couple different types of horizontal siding you can look at if you want a change while keeping the same price point and general function of your siding: dutch lap, beaded lap, and flat lap.

Insulated Vinyl

On the outside, insulated vinyl doesn’t look all that much different from the vinyl you might have now. But it’s different where it counts. Beneath the outer facade, the vinyl has a layer of insulated foam. This gives the siding a better fit to the home, increasing energy efficiency by 20% with less space for heat or cool air to escape or intrude through.

Related Questions

What Are Non-Vinyl Options?

There are some durable, slightly more costly, upgrades besides vinyl. There’s wood, there’s brick, there’s even metal, concrete, and glass. While some of these are more feasible than others for the common home, don’t be limited if you want to do a big upgrade to your home.

Can I Do it Myself?

It’s not impossible to tackle a siding project yourself, such as repairing small areas that have been damaged, however it is best to hire a professional if you need to replace and entirely change your home’s siding. A professional home improvement company will ensure the job is done right and that your home is protected year-round!

Do some exploring in renovating your home. Make sure what you’re doing will be an upgrade to your home that will last and be worth the money and effort put into it. New siding can make your house brand new and improve your curb appeal in so many ways.

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