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According to Energy Saver, an online resource of the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gained or lost through windows of typical homes accounts for 25% to 30% of the building’s energy consumption. This means your windows affect a significant portion of heating and cooling bills. Although window improvements or replacements entail spending money, they can provide a considerable payoff.

Evaluate Your Present Window’s

First, examine your utility bills for increased energy consumption. Any unexplained surge could indicate leaks or drafts from deteriorating windows. Next, make a visual window inspection, checking for red flags:

  • Deteriorating frames with peeling paint or rotting wood
  • Crumbling caulk
  • Inside stains around the windows, indicating leaks
  • Problems opening sticky windows
  • Cracked glass
  • Cloudiness between the layers of glass
  • Noticeable drafts around windows

Update and Repair Your Current Window’s

If inspection of your windows reveals minor problems but sturdy frames and glass, contact a professional to verify your findings and suggest appropriate upgrades or repairs. Our customer-focused technicians at 180 Contractors inspect your windows and review options with your best interests in mind.

Replace Your Windows with Energy-Saving Alternatives

If your windows are beyond repair, replacing them is a big step, and you want to make the right choices with these options:

  • Frame and sash materials, including metal, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or composite
  • Types of window operation, such as double-hung, hinged casement, or awning
  • Glazing, including double or triple glazing, glass coatings or gas fillings, and spacers

Each of these decisions affects cost and energy usage. Consulting a window replacement expert to walk you through the advantages and disadvantages makes the process easier.

Finally, remember the most incredible windows in the world won’t perform well without careful, appropriate installation. Our specialists not only help you choose the right windows for your home but also install them flawlessly.

Contact Window Professionals in Milford

Our experienced experts at 180 Contractors can evaluate your windows and help you sort through the repair or replace dilemma. We understand budget limitations and provide the most affordable solutions for your needs. Call (248) 714-9158 today for a free estimate.

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