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On average, homeowners will pay 3-5% of their home’s value to renovate siding. To renovate the roof they will pay 2-4%. A complete replacement of both items will likely cost more than this.

With such a high price, homeowners should make certain that the contractors do the work right. Homeowners should ask the question “should you replace siding or roof first” to complete one step in this quest. Read on to find the answer to this question

Why Should Homeowners Replace Their Roof and Siding Together?

When a homeowner gets a new roof, its look may not complement the old siding well. The reverse can also happen when homeowners only replace their siding. A mismatched roof and siding can negatively affect their homes’ curb appeal and decrease their houses’ market values.

Homeowners have greater aesthetic control when they replace their roofs and siding at the same time. They can ensure then that the roof and siding work together.

What Does a Roof Replacement Involve?

A roof replacement involves more than just taking off the home roofing material and replacing it. It can also involve tearing off and replacing the decking, underlayment, drip edge, and more. Sometimes, if the scaffolding seems too rotted away and/or unstable, roofers will replace it as well.

The extent of the project often depends on the state of the roof. Roofers will need to replace a lot more material on older types of roofs than newer ones. The more materials roofers need to replace, the longer it will take.

What Does Replacing Siding Involve?

Contractors will remove all of the layers of the siding material first. This will include the material and the insulation. Then, after some prep work, the contractors will replace the layers of the siding.

This process should take less time than a roof replacement. The contractors do not need to build the wall equivalent to scaffolding. They need to replace a few layers of siding materials.

Should You Replace Your Siding or Roof First?

Homeowners should replace their siding first. A roof replacement can put their siding materials in danger.

A worker might misstep and rip off a piece of the homeowner’s siding. The roofers’ ladder can cause scratches. Any of these situations can leave homeowners heartbroken when they see what their brand-new siding has become.

If these accidents happen with old siding, it will not matter. Any damage will disappear when the contractors replace the siding.

We Will Help Your Home Renovation Go Smoothly

Now that you know the answer to the question “should you replace the siding or roof first”, you can continue planning for your home renovation project. Make sure that you thoroughly research all your options and plan thoroughly.

Also, if you need help with your home renovation project, we can help. We offer our clients several home improvement services in Southeast Michigan and beyond. We offer these services in Franklin, Novi, Birmingham, and more.

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