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Curious to see if your home is in need for new windows? Just follow the signs.

Contrary to what you may believe, the longevity of your windows doesn’t necessarily depend on the brand. It depends on how they were installed- the proof is in the putting (in the window).

Some telltale signs of needing replacement windows can be how your window is keeping the outside things out and the inside things in.

If you feel like your home has become a lot louder than normal, you’re not going crazy- it could be that the buffer between the exterior and interior has given up. The caulking might have worn out and weather might have taken its toll on it.

Cracked frames, warping, or glass that has cracked means the window can’t operate the way it’s intended. This can cause difficulty for the window to stay open on its own.

Maybe you’ve noticed condensation on the windows.

Or maybe when the window is closed and you can see ice or frost on the inside. This can signify humidity issues and is not a good sign. These issues can promote the growth of mold and mildew putting the window’s frame in jeopardy of rotting. The window’s insulation is not working and needs to be replaced.

Have you ever gotten a workout just by opening or closing your windows?

No, it doesn’t mean they are going to be good for extra protection from the outside, they actually pose a hazard in a fire emergency. This inconvenience means the mechanisms of the window are imbalanced. When you install replacement windows you should see and feel the ease of proper mechanics in opening and closing.

Have you noticed the wood around the windows appearing bumpy?

This is a sign that there is corrosion and the wood will shrink and crack. This is common in windows that let in moisture. Dry rot is a very critical issue and should be addressed quickly. The dry rot can spread and further damage surrounding areas of your home.

And of course, if you are feeling a breeze from your windows this means there is insufficient insulation. This can waste your A/C and jack up your energy bill because your unit is working double-time to keep your house cool or heated more than it’s supposed to. Drafty windows are a waste and are in dire need of replacing.

If your home needs new windows, it’s a good idea to call a trusted local contractor. If you live in Michigan, 180 Contractors is your source for window replacement and installation. We have installed windows on a variety of homes throughout Michigan. We listen to our customers and work hard to address all the unique design, budget, and functional needs of your project. Working with top product manufacturers and experienced window replacement experts, we provide our clients with recommendations and solutions to their window needs. Call for a Free Estimate!

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