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Roofs are easy to take for granted. Like most old technologies, they seem unimpressive and simple. After all, prehistoric man invented ways to build shelters with roofs, so there couldn’t be much to building roofs, could there?

Modern roofs rely on modern technology. They are complicated to engineer and take professional expertise. Most people wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to roof construction. That is why there are professional Roofing Companies.

We know that roofs are necessary but what are the functions of a roof?

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to today’s roofs. That’s something to be thankful for. In modernized countries, roofs virtually never collapse. They also stand up to severe weather and some are even engineered to withstand natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. Roofing science has taken us far beyond the days of cabins and small frame houses.

To understand the functions of the modern era roof, it’s important to understand what purposes roofs serve and the structures that make up a roofing system.

Human protection has always been the chief purpose of roofs

From the time humans came out of cave dwellings, they sought to replicate the protection caves afforded them. Depending on available materials, roofs were made from mud, wood and animal hides. Humans simply couldn’t function without something to keep the rain, snow and blistering sun from causing great discomfort and illness. In cold climates and during torrential storms, protection from the elements is arguably as high a survival priority as food and water.

Roofs also provide protection from violence. Without a secure dwelling, we are in danger of invasion and attack. In tribal times, roofs were needed to provide safety from enemies. In today’s world, they help keep us safe from crime.

Roofs also protect societies’ ability to advance. Without roofs, humans are subject to constantly being forced to stop work because the weather won’t allow it. The advent of reliable roofing systems allowed ancient people to work and create new technologies regardless of the weather. Today, we take the ability to be productive in all weather conditions for granted.

Roofs protect possessions from mother nature and theft

Furniture, appliances, carpets, artwork and clothing all need protection from the elements. In addition, roofs keep thieves away, allowing us to leave our possessions safely at home.

Water protection with a roof

Roofs do more than protect our heads from getting wet. Elements of modern roofs also protect the exterior of the building through roof flashing. Roof flashing uses sheet metal to prevent water from seeping into joints and causing damage to outer walls. These metal sheets are visible around vent pipes and chimneys. Gutters and downspouts carry away the water that drains off the roof so that it can’t harm the exterior walls and base of the building. In days prior to modern roofing standards, homes suffered frequent damage because of water and repairs were a regular chore. Now we can depend on roofs to keep our homes in good repair.

Roofs sustain the most damage

Roofs bear the brunt of any weather-related damage. They function like an umbrella and often suffer devastating damage. High winds often tear away the roof’s shingles. When rainwater pools in a roof’s valleys for long periods, water damage results. Holes and roof leaks start once the damage becomes too great. Experts recommend inspecting roofs twice per year and after a major weather event.

Important parts of a roof

Decking, made of 1/2-inch plywood, closes and reinforces the roof structure and serves as the nail bed for shingles. The attic space underneath the roof requires ventilation to prevent summer heat and the warm air generated in the house during winter. A saddle diverts rainwater from the chimney. The roof ridge is the horizontal line at the roof’s top. Shingles provide water protection and style. An underlay membrane protects the shingles against resin from the wood decking.

Roofing makes modern living possible and provides us with worry-free convenience. Today’s roofing experts have knowledge, skills and tools our ancestors could only dream of. As a result, problems like heavy leakage or roof collapses rarely occur without an act of nature. It’s great to live in an era where you never have to look up at a building’s ceilings to make sure there are no cracks. The knowledge gained by the roofing industry keeps us all safe and protected.

180 Contractors residential roofing systems will add a significant amount of value to your home by keeping mold, mildew and moisture away from your property – and most importantly keep you safe! For over a decade, our roofing experts have been providing Michigan residents, with the highest rated and most efficient roofing services. Our superior quality and low overhead allow us to provide our clients with affordable pricing.

Whether you’re considering new windows, siding, a custom deck, replacing your entry doors, insulation services, or a new roof, we are qualified and ready to help. Call today for a Free Estimate!

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