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Winter always seems to be colder than you remember and colder than you expect. You also tend to find your house is draftier than you remember it being and suddenly the small little crevices and unsealed cracks are wide open doors for cool air and high energy bills as you struggle to keep your house warm. Winterizing your home in the fall months leading up to winter is crucial for protecting your home from invasive elements and wasted energy.

Between bills, safety, the need for repairs, and invasive wildlife, there’s a lot of reasons to make sure you winterize your home and get it done early in the season. Depending on your climate, the winter can really take a toll on your home and wreak havoc on your infrastructure and indoors

If you need convincing to spend some labor and cash towards winterizing your home, we’ve laid out some pretty good reasons to get your home ready for the winter.


This is the first and probably best reason to make sure you winterize your house appropriately this fall. If cold gets into your home and your heart is constantly running to combat it, you’ll be overspending hundreds a bill cycle on heat and gas. Properly insulating your home keeps the drafty cold out and prevents your heat from kicking on and running constantly.

Avoid Maintenance

By taking time before winter sets in to get your HVAC system looked at as well as points of draft in need of repairs, you can save money down the road by catching problems early. You can go into the winter with newly tuned up and repaired equipment rather than find out in the middle of January that your system is in need of much more extensive and costly repairs.


Winterizing your home is also about making sure your home is a safe place for your family. It’s not just about drafts and discomfort, places where winter air can get in are exposed to the elements and could become a hazard. It could also be a place where wildlife may seek refuge during bad weather and bring disease into your home or pose a threat to your pets or children.

Related Questions

How Do I Winterize My House?

The most common move is to tackle seams and insulate windows. Closing fireplaces, replacing weather strips, using insulation foam at window gaps are all ways you can prepare your home for the elements of winter. Sometimes more intensive winterizing will need to happen with maintenance on equipment or more permanent sealing. For more ideas, speak with a home improvement specialist or contractor.

How Can I Check for Drafts?

Take a candle and walk around your house. At places where you think there may be a draft, hold the candle up to see if the flame reacts to a breeze. You can mark this spot as a place you need to insulate better from the elements as part of your process.

Don’t skip winterizing and the safety and comfort it brings. This will save you money and protect your family and property from harsh winters. Speaking with a home improvement contractor can help you get started.

180 Contractors can help get the ball rolling with winterizing your home the right way. Does your roof need to be repaired or replaced? How about your windows, are they keeping the cold air out? We are a full-service exterior home improvement and remodeling contracting company with the highest workmanship standards in the industry. Our services include new window replacement, home insulation, new vinyl siding, entry doors, exterior home improvements, new roof installation as well as any additional general construction requirements.

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