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What is a Gambrel Roof?


The roof is the prominent feature of your home that allows you to stand out with its architectural design. Whether you are looking to install a new roof design or updating the existing one, choosing a unique and attractive structure like Gambrel Roof is the best way to get ample and functional attic space. Apart from garages, barns, and sheds, homeowners are also interested in knowing what a gambrel roof is and how to build it. It has been the most liked structure in last times as was seen in many Dutch colonial-style houses and mansions.


What is a Gambrel Roof?


It is an asymmetrical structure having two-sided slopes on both the right and left sides. The lower slope is usually steeper, and the upper one resides at a shallow angle. It is the best suitable style for homeowners looking for a wider span. Barn roofs are the common instances of gambrel roof designs.


Pros of Gambrel design 


1. It Gives a classic look


As gambrel roofs were first constructed in North America, they are the symbol and part of the colonial heritage of America.


2. Easily constructed


They are easy to build with no complication of fitting valleys together because the underlying structure has two wooden beams with the gusset joints.


3. Versatility with a gambrel roof


Gambrel designs allow a versatile roof for different purposes such as garages, barns, farmhouses, and homes. They can also accommodate the third story as the top part is vertical, living wide open space.


4. Cost-effective


Gambrel is a simple design saving time and labor during installation and maintenance. Thus, it proves to be a cost-effective solution.


5. Effective drainage system


A gambrel roof with steep slope structures has the most effective drainage system. During heavy rainfalls, the water quickly flows down the building sides without any leakage.


6. Perfect look


The roof design with aesthetically pleasing features gives you a unique statement in your locality. The elegant design provides the perfect look to any building type- be it a home or outbuilding-like sheds for storage purposes.


7. Space optimization


If you require additional storage on a tight budget, you can consider adopting a gambrel design. The lower slopes of gambrel styles give abundant space. Additionally, when added with dormer windows, a homeowner gets happy and satisfied with ample attic space.


Cons of Gambrel Design


1. Additional maintenance


Gambrel demands regular maintenance with annual inspections.


2. Vulnerable to extreme weather


Areas prone to high winds and heavy snow make the style a non-appropriate choice. Heavy snowfalls can strain the roof and cause leakages to the structure by sitting on the lower part. However, high-quality roofing material, waterproof ridges, and proper reinforcement of the joint gussets can help you stay down even in a high wind.


3. Less ventilation


Gambrel houses have ventilation issues that can lead to moisture damage.


Types of Gambrel roofs


Gambrel roof designs have three types chosen according to the personal requirements- Classical, Mansard, and wall-supported.

A gambrel roof is generally confused with Mansard.


Difference between Gambrel and Mansard Roof Design


A gambrel roof is a sharp design with long points at the top beam, and it has two symmetrical roof sides with slopes on each side. Contrarily, mansard is French-style, providing flexibility in pitch design and having an identical shape. It is a four-sided structure designed on a low pitch. Its upper parts have not much steep. Hence, it also doesn’t have any range in the middle.

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