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Thinking of replacing your home’s windows? It’s probably a good idea, considering the benefits of upgrading to the latest window styles and technology. You’ll improve the aesthetics of your home, save energy and increase your property’s value. In addition, window replacements that increase energy efficiency are eligible for a federal tax credit. On top of the tax credit, energy efficient windows pay for themselves through lower utility costs in 10 to 15 years.

What types of windows are there to consider when replacing the windows in your home?

Did you know that one-third of the heat loss in a home occurs through windows? If you have single pane or drafty windows, the impact can be even more. Cutting out one-third of utility delivery charges is like putting money in the bank. It’s one of the best investments you can find.

Now that you know it’s time to replace those old windows, it’s time to consider the best replacement type for your home. There is a dazzling array of options, which is a good thing provided you know the difference between each style. That’s why we’ve provided this replacement windows buying guide.

Bay windows

Bay windows provide elegance. Where flat windowpanes look plain, bay windows protrude from the main walls, creating a bay within the room. With stylish casing, bay windows draw the eye while increasing curb appeal and property value.

In addition to curb appeal, bay windows also provide more light and dramatically enhance the view. A bay window consists of three separate windows that are joined to make a single large unit. The center window is wide and bordered by narrower casement. Mullion posts separate the three windows.

Arched windows

Arched windows offer another option for adding style to your home. They match with most window accessories, such as grilles and dividing bars. Arched windows come in many shapes, ranging from soft curves to hard peaks. A range of customizable angles and ellipses allow you to create the effect that best suits your home and décor. Dress them up with sophisticated window treatments or simply let the beautiful arched window express your artistic side. Either way, arched windows increase curb appeal and property value.

Casement windows

If you love fresh air and want a green window solution, casement windows are a great option. Hinged on one side, they let in more air when opened and seal tighter when closed than most other windows. This design also makes it easy to access the whole pane, a big advantage during spring cleaning. Opting for a vinyl frame makes cleaning even easier.

Double hung window

These tried-and-true stalwarts can be found in all types of homes. It is the most common type, though new styles are coming into vogue and taking some of its market share. The name double hung comes from the two windows (also known as sashes), upper and lower, that move up and down on separate tracks located in the side jambs. This creates a disadvantage compared to casement windows because only half the window can be opened at the same time. Most include balance springs that counterbalance the slash to hold it in place while open. Compression weather stripping is used to seal drafts.

Thermal windows

If you live in a cold climate, thermal windows are a must. With two to four times the efficiency of single pane windows, thermal windows offer 20% to 30% or more in winter heating bill savings. If you’re willing to invest in the latest technology, such as Low-e-glass, you can achieve up to five times the energy efficiency. Check out thermal replacement window ratings to see where you get the best value.

Round top windows

Like arched windows, round top windows add style and pizzazz to any home. Choose from a wide assortment of styles, including full, half or quarter rounds, ovals, ellipticals, inverted corners, gothic shapes, and eyebrows.

Picture window

Installing a picture window comes with some serious costs, but if you can afford it and have a spectacular view, a picture window is the perfect way to enjoy nature in climate-controlled comfort. They are generally single oversized pane because thicker glass would make the view less appealing.

Whatever type of replacement window you choose, your home will seem to come to life when stylish, new windows make both exterior and interior look like new. With the advancements in technology, it’s possible to have style and energy efficiency in all your windows without breaking your budget. At 180 Contractors we work with top product manufacturers and experienced window replacement experts so we can recommend and offer solutions to your window needs.

180 Contractors is an experienced home improvement contractor in Milford MI. We are committed to providing quality workmanship and outstanding, personalized service to each client. Our residential home improvement services include roof repair and installation, window replacement, siding installation and more! Call us today and learn about our special offers, financing and Free On-site Estimates!

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