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If your roof is 15 to 20 years old and requires frequent repairs, it might be time for a roof replacement. Before jumping in on this big project, it’s crucial to explore your roof replacement options and consider other important decisions like the best time to replace roof. While each season has its advantages and disadvantages, an experienced roofing contractor can perform this job all year round, depending on the weather conditions.

When Is the Best Time to Replace Roof?

It’s always better to get a roof replacement whenever you see any signs of damage before it causes massive inconvenience to you and your house. The best time to replace roof depends on the weather, your contractor’s availability, and your schedule. Let’s learn about the best seasons for roof replacement in detail:


Due to the blistering cold temperatures, winters are the most difficult season for roof replacement. But roof replacement during winter isn’t impossible. Rather it is a slower time for most contractors, so you can get on their schedule pretty easily. An experienced roofing contractor can manage to work on many types of roofs as long as the weather permits. However, certain hurdles like snowstorms and freezing temperatures can interrupt your roof replacement project based on your geographical area.


The gradually warming temperatures of March, April, and May are a good time to finish any home improvements left on your spring to-do list. Most roofing contractors consider spring the second best time to replace roofs as the humidity levels reduce, and roofing companies typically have an open schedule during this time. Since the temperatures aren’t as extreme, spring becomes an ideal season to prep your roof for the coming inclement weather and identify any roof damage caused by the harsh winters.


The summer is full of bright sun, longer days, and hot temperatures. June, July, and August usually experience clear weather conditions with plenty of sunshine and consistent temperatures, making summer a go-to season for roof replacement. Early summer days are ideal for replacing a roof as humidity levels are low and chances of rain and hurricane are minimal. A major downside of this season is the busy schedule of roofing contractors, which often causes a spike in their prices for last-minute bookings. This can cause your roofing project to push back to not-so-ideal extreme summer days, negatively affecting the installer’s efficiency and the roofing materials.


The fall season, September to November, is the universally preferred season for roof replacement. As the weather becomes cool and temperatures become mild and comfortable for the roofers and shingles, fall is considered the best time to replace a roof. As the temperature ranges between 45 and 85 degrees, the workers can efficiently perform their job and finish them on time. Earlier fall days have less rain and lower humidity, giving plenty of time for shingles to seal securely before entering the harsh winters.

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