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Why is Attic Ventilation so Important?


A lot of new homeowners might not know the fact that airtight attics get sealed shut with accumulated heat and moisture which has adverse effects on your roof shingles. This can damage your roof shingles. Trapped heat can also lead to forming dissimilar roof surface temperatures which may give rise to ice dams along the edge of your roof. Either way, the lifespan of your roof might get substantially shortened owing to these things. To prevent all of these issues from arising, you need proper attic ventilation. In this blog, we will accustom you to what attic ventilation means and why it is so important.


What is Attic ventilation and how does it work?

Attic ventilation is incorporating various channels through your attic that will ensure a smooth flow of air in and out of your attic. Attic ventilation makes use of the property of warm air that makes it rise and pass out of exhausts and vents. There are mainly two types of vents that are used to achieve this namely Intake vents and hot air exhaust vents. While exhaust vents are placed at the top of the roof for the rising hot air to escape out, intake vents are placed at the bottom of a roof to ensure cooler and heavier air is allowed to enter. This process is known as passive ventilation and is the most useful way of venting an attic.

Some important benefits of Attic ventilation:

  • Lower your cooling costs – On an excessively hot day, warm air from your home will rise and get trapped in an attic that is not properly ventilated. If the temperature outside increases further, this air will get warmer and push down into your rooms in turn increasing the temperatures of our rooms. You would then have to make use of energy appliances such as air coolers and air conditioners and the increasing heat will cause these devices to work harder. Overall hiking your utility costs. Proper attic ventilation can prevent this from happening.

  • Prevent Ice Dam formation – If you have a sealed roof, then the trapped hot air will make the snow collected on your roof during winters, melt at dissimilar paces. The regions directly in contact with warm air will make the snow melt faster than the regions which are farther away leading to the formation of ice dams on the edge of your roof. Ice dams can ruin your roof shingles severely.

  • Intercept Cold-weather Condensation – Winter weather can cause trapped warm air to condense on colder surfaces and fill the place with moisture. Internal moisture can be very harmful to your roof as it will cause your roof shingles to swell and rot. It will affect the nails with the increased load of the roof. Accumulation of moisture can also prove to be a breeding ground for roof mold and moss.


Above mentioned issues are some of the roof hindrances that proper attic ventilation can easily fix. Attic vents are supremely essential if you want to ensure that your roof lasts longer without causing much hassle and expenses.

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