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We get it. They’re clunky, they’re kind of an aesthetic breaker, they can be noisy, a hassle, and gross. But gutters are a necessary evil of a home. You might be surprised to find many houses don’t necessarily have gutters. It’s something easily missed on an inspection if you just bought a new home and some designs do come without them included. You may not want to go through the work of installing them and then maintaining them, but they perform a very important function for your house.

There’s plenty of safety reasons to have gutters. They do a few different jobs and, all of which have the goal of protecting the integrity of your home and avoiding damage–which will cost you even more.

To get a better idea of the importance of gutter systems to your home, we’ve outlined some of the important functions they provide for homes and what can happen if you don’t get those gutters installed on your home.

Prevent Flooding

When water mixes with soil and saturates it, it becomes incredibly heavy, putting pressure on the foundation that it was never intended to carry. The pressure, over time, can cause the foundation to begin buckling at points which then allows water to enter at the ground level of the home. This could cause damage to a basement or crawl space and hurt the integrity of the foundation in the process.

Prevent Erosion

The land and slope on which your house sits is meticulously approved by the local municipality and part of code regulations. The normal rainfall and penchant for erosion is taken into consideration, but all homes are built in such a way that water is lead to run away from the foundation and gutters are part of this process. Without proper water dispersal, erosion will start to build in certain areas and cause pressure on the foundation at different points or even cause it to settle, resulting in uneven floors and structural problems.

Prevent Cosmetic Damage

Apart from the safety reasons to have gutters, they also perform an important function for the continued beauty of your home. Without gutters, water and all its debris will fall across the siding of the house. The result is stains overtime, and potential damage, on the siding of your home–especially if it’s a lighter color.

Related Questions

What Sort of Maintenance Do My Gutters Need?

Gutters come with maintenance to keep them working properly and need to be regularly looked at. This means cleaning them out from built up debris, seal any noticeable leaks, repair damage to downspouts, and make sure the water runoff is running smoothly. Sometimes, for larger issues, you’ll want to call a pro, but for the most part this is something you can do on your own every few months. Up keep is key to the longevity and function.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

This is going to depend on the material you choose, the size of your home, and local averages for labor cost. But, nationwide, you’re looking at an average of $1,000-$2,400 with some lower and higher outliers. This cost should cover labor, material, and any minimum fees local pros have for their services. Always get an estimate, it should be Free, especially if it’s a trusted local contractor. The bigger the house, the bigger the cost, of course.

Your home needs gutters for the safety, integrity, and overall beauty of your home and yard. Don’t put your home at the mercy of the elements every time there’s a storm. Do the research and get gutters installed asap, if you don’t already have them, in order to protect the longevity of your home and keep your space looking beautiful.

180 Contractors is Michigan’s preferred choice for professional gutter installation and service. We only work with the highest quality materials that offer strong, durable, and long-lasting protection for your home. Each gutter will be made on site to custom fit your home! When you contact our Michigan based gutter installation and repair company, you can count on a professional team that provides exceptional workmanship, at competitive prices. If you are concerned about your gutters, or simply have questions, please contact our home improvement company today! We are happy to provide a no-obligation, FREE estimate!

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