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Installing a new home gutter system can seem like going to the dentist: Most people dread the process, but once it’s complete, they feel much better. Working with a professional installer who can help choose the best type of gutter system for your home makes the process easy and ensures getting the best value.

There are many types of gutters, and the best choice often comes down to aesthetics and cost.

The most common gutter materials include the following:

• Vinyl Gutters
• Aluminum Gutters
• Stainless Steel Gutters
• Copper
• Wood

Vinyl gutters are popular because of their economical cost. They are also lightweight and take less time to install. However, aluminum gutters are also a popular choice in cold climates because of enhanced durability. They can also be painted any color. Regardless of the material type chosen, seamless gutters are popular and because of superior functionality.

Seamless gutters come in one piece rather than sections that need to be put together. This construction offers five primary advantages: reduced maintenance requirements, more options, easier installation, lower cost and heightened curb appeal.

Not as much maintenance needed

No one wants to spend their weekend cleaning gutters or pay someone to do it. Sectional gutters guarantee clogs happen frequently because debris naturally collects in the gaps. Because they have no gaps, seamless gutters cut down on the need for gutter maintenance.

More options available

Seamless gutters come in a wide variety of materials and colors, allowing for the perfect aesthetic for your home.

Easier to install

Measuring, cutting and connecting gutters is one of the most time-consuming parts of gutter installation. Seamless gutters eliminate all these steps, making installation efficient.

Overall less costly

Seamless gutters cost a little more than traditional gutter systems, but the overall cost is less in the long run. Savings on maintenance and repair add up over the years, far outweighing the higher sale price. The more efficient installation also adds to the savings.

More aesthetically pleasing

Why do seamless gutters enhance curb appeal? Because they eliminate gaps between the gutters and the unsightly fasteners that attach to all the sections. Seamless gutters look sleek and sturdy.

How do you know when it’s time for gutter replacement?

Leaks and water damage to the home often indicate the gutters need replacement. In addition, mold or peeling paint can also result from failing gutters. If your home has any of these symptoms, make sure to have your gutters inspected. Also, be sure to periodically inspect the gutters for clogs and sags. These indicate the gutters are aging and may be on the verge of weakening and then allowing water to seep into the home.

Gutter Maintenance

Though seamless gutters require less upkeep, it is still important to pull routine maintenance. For gutters to function properly, the downspouts must be kept clear of leaves and debris. This maintenance can be performed by the homeowner or a gutter cleaning company. Gutters need to be cleaned twice a year, though more frequent maintenance may be required if tree branches hang over the house or if a storm has blown leaves and branches into the gutter system.

Many homeowners prefer to avoid climbing on ladders for safety reasons. Those who are uncomfortable with heights and ladders are better off hiring an experienced professional.

Ways to clean your gutters

• A leaf blower can usually remove the debris, especially with seamless gutters. Hoses can also be employed if the leaf blower is not enough. Goggles, a dust mask and heavy work gloves are needed.

• A gutter cleaning kit can be purchased. These kits are more effective than a leaf blower alone.

• In some cases, debris must be removed by hand. A garden trowel or gutter scoop can be used to remove stubborn debris that a leaf blower of hose can’t dislodge. For best results, start near the low end of the gutter at the drain outlet; dump debris into a bucket and empty as needed. Avoid attempting this when leaves are soggy.

• It’s easy to overlook the leaves resting on the roof. These also should be removed using a leaf blower, so they don’t fall into the gutter during the next rainstorm.

Whether you hire a company to maintain your home’s gutters or clean them yourself, seamless gutters made the job easier, saving you time, money or both. In addition, seamless gutters have a neater look that adds value to the home. Though they cost a little more, the savings in time and money and the enhanced curb appeal make them a great investment.

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