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Does Your Michigan Home Need A Siding Upgrade? 

Siding can last somewhere between 15 and 20 years, with routine maintenance. Many homeowners, however, are often unsure about the exact age of their siding. Further, despite a general lifespan prediction, siding can also be affected by many other variables. Learn to identify some of the signs that it may be time for new siding on your Michigan home.

Interior Signs for New Siding 



Paint or wallpaper will bubble and chip when moisture is present behind the walls. This indicates that your siding is no longer doing its job effectively, and water is entering the home.


Utility bills are often a quick indicator that something is wrong. If you notice spikes in heating or cooling bills, there is likely a problem holding the temperature in your home; siding can play a significant role.

new siding installation

Vinyl siding installation in Waterford, MI


Exterior Signs for New Siding 

Looking for signs of damage to the actual siding on your home will lead to obvious indicators that you need repair or replacement. Consult with a professional to guide you on the next steps.


Sagging siding is a sign of structural damage to both the siding and likely the support underneath. Rather than a repair, sagging usually leads to total replacement.


Crack and holes in siding can be a sign of external force damage, such as a rock from a lawnmower or general aging causes like UV rays and weather conditions. Left unattended, these issues can continue to grow.

Mold Means It’s Time for New Siding 

Mold is cause for alarm, no matter its location. When moisture and fluctuating temperates combine, humidity can rise, and mold can form. Any indicator of mold in or on the outside of the home and you should call a professional immediately. Mold is dangerous, and what you can see is usually hiding more of what you can’t.

To schedule a no-obligation assessment of your siding or learn more about total siding replacement in Milford, Michigan, and the surrounding areas, contact 180 Contractors today.

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