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Window Damage From a fire ; Should I Replace My Windows

Fire damage to the home is a complete travesty. Everything can be affected in your home from the structure, to the contents and even window damage from  fire.

After the cleanup, you may be wondering about whether you should replace or repair your windows, and it all depends. You should check and see if the cause is window damage from a fire.

Most homeowners know how valuable their home is, especially their windows, so homeowners’ insurance is a must. That being said, homeowner’s insurance does cover fire damage. In what ways you need to fix your home, and how?

Some things that are affected by fire just cannot be simply fixed. For example, carpets usually require a complete and permanent replacement, and like carpet, windows can also require serious consideration: to fix or replace, that is the question?

How to fix window damage from a fire

Window damage from fire is simple: anything that isn’t actually broken. This means that in order to simply fix your windows after a fire, there must not be any broken glass, broken seals, cracks, or other damages parts of the frame.

If your windows are blackened by ash and soot, but still completely intact, fixing them is easy- you can clean them. You may use a simple garden house on the outside, spray, and let your windows dry. Otherwise, if the soot seems baked-on, use a power washer.

In addition, it is important to vacuum any lose debris around the window, or you may use a microfiber cloth to wipe the area down. For small crevices, cotton swabs are also very helpful.

Keep in mind, that while fixing window damage might seem like the easy option, never take your windows for granted; don’t simply try to fix what should be replaced.

Should I replace my windows?

The truth is, replacing windows after fire damage is highly common. If the window is broken in any way and glass is present, then replacing the window is a must. Even if glass is not present, if the window frame is damaged or seals are broken, exposing the outside, the window must be replaced.

Glass that is exposed to extreme heat becomes weaker and that is a concern. This means that the window is compromised and can break and shatter simply from a knock or tap. Even leaning up against a weakened window poses grave harm, especially if it is on the second level. If it breaks you can fall out.

Replacing is not as difficult as it seems however, all you need is the right window replacement contractor. Using a window company gives you peace of mind, knowing your windows are expertly installed, insulated, and built to last, ideally to keep you safe from a future mishap.

If you are looking to replace the windows in your home, 180 Contractors is an excellent choice. Specializing in residential home improvement services including new window installation, they have installed new windows on hundreds of homes throughout Michigan. We listen to our customers and provide our clients with recommendations and solutions to their home improvement needs. Other services include new shingle roof installation and repair and vinyl siding services. Call us for a Free Estimate!

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