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Siding Damage During Winter

Although winter is not the most popular time to perform exterior repairs, it’s still important to inspect the outside of your home. However, because of the severe weather conditions, the exterior of your home may still be tested. The siding, specifically, can undergo a lot of damage. At 180 Contractors, we understand what you need to look for when it comes to siding damage.

Cracks in the Siding

When water freezes and thaws, it causes your siding to expand and crack. If you have fiber cement siding, it is more likely to break compared to engineered wood. Likewise, natural wood and vinyl siding tend to split with extreme weather shifts. Consider a siding material that combats cracking so you can avoid any further damage from occurring.

Water Seeping Through the Siding

Melted ice and snow make winter a tough time for your home’s siding. With water expanding around 10% as it freezes, extreme pressure can lead to long-term structural damage whenever the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. To determine if water may be penetrating the siding, look for snow and ice buildup on the gutter and eavestrough. Also, be sure to check for potential water damage caused by consistent exposure.

Holes and Missing Siding

Winter’s in Michigan is no joke. It can mean vicious ice storms and powerful winds causing debris to scatter. This can lead to various holes and dents on your home’s siding. Holes can allow cold air and moisture to enter your home while denting leads to an eyesore on your home’s exterior. Be sure to research your siding options and how each is known to withstand impact.

Additionally, forceful winds can loosen siding panels or even dislodge them. As your home’s protective layer against the elements, missing siding pieces can leave your house vulnerable to permanent issues, including rotting and termite/insect infestations. Another indicator of siding damage is hearing flapping noises during heavy winds.

Rot in the Siding

Winter can be one of the most challenging seasons for your home to endure. With heavy snow and ice occurring, your home is consistently exposed to moisture. This can lead to the development of rot. To find it, look for brittle pieces of siding or deep cracks. Allowing moisture damage to build up can compromise the aesthetic and durability of your siding and also lead to fungal decay. If you’re worried about damage to your siding, we’ll have your back. We can help prevent damage and maintain and repair your home’s siding. Contact us at 180 Contractors today to learn more about our residential services.

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