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Pros and Cons of Mansard Roofs One Must Know

A Mansard roof combines elements of a Gambrel roof with few distinguishing characteristics of a Hip roof. It is also known as a French roof or a curb roof, mainly because it draws heavy inspiration from old French architecture. These roofs also closely resemble a Gable roof but unlike a gable, two of its slopes are not similar. The top slope is flatter whereas the slope at the bottom is almost vertical in appearance. 

These roofs merge basic architectural roofing design with art and lend the building with aesthetic and profound quality. Since so many of its features imitate other kinds of roofs, it can become difficult to identify a Mansard roof. The presence of gradients on all sides and not just on two is a significant feature of these roofs. These also have a low pitch, which easily differentiates them from Gambrel roofs. 

Advantages of Mansard Roofs: 

  • Increased Attic Space- The presence of an almost vertical lower slope in Mansard roofs, offers a greater attic space to the homeowners. There’s no compromise made on space and the bottom slope also allows sufficient sunlight to filter through the windows. 
  • Easier to Expand- You can easily add more floors and modify the structure of your building according to your own needs because of the vertical bottom slope. A mansard roof provides you with greater flexibility to introduce changes and renovations to your property in the future. 
  • Greater Aesthetic Value- It is a well-known fact that a Mansard roof will make your property look it’s absolute best, irrespective of the type of shingles you decide to use. The unique structure of these roofs will stand out in a neighborhood of Gable or Gambrel roofs and add that extra aesthetic value to your home.


Drawbacks of a Mansard Roof: 

Resistance to Weather Conditions- Mansard roofs aren’t the most sturdy roofs that are out there and its functionality is also limited. It may not be able to withstand harsh weather conditions because of the low pitch at the top section of the roof. The vertical slope will cause water drainage problems whenever there is heavy rainfall or snowfall.

Installation Procedures aren’t Easy- The complexity of a Mansard roof’s design makes its installation an event of a big hassle. Compared to other roofs such as Gable or Hip roofs, this would also cost you a fortune. You would need exceptionally skilled craftsmen in order to install it and this might prove to be a difficult job. 

High Maintenance and Repair costs- Even after its problematic and difficult installation, the Mansard roof can prove to be a greater nuisance with its very high maintenance and repair costs. Not many roofing experts know how to tackle issues of a Mansard roof and thus finding someone who knows his way around these roofs, itself would be a big and costlier deal. 

Mansard roofs can be elegant and highly sophisticated but its shortcomings can burn a hole in your pocket. Yearly maintenance and roof repairing is a must in case of this kind of roof so you must have a budget that successfully covers it. But since these represent a piece of architectural heritage, the Mansard roof tends to be a tempting choice for a lot of homeowners. 

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