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Does The Siding on Your Home Need to be Replaced?

We’ve all had a home improvement to-do list a mile long and not known where to start. We recommend taking a look at your siding first. If it is newer, it may need to be cleaned. If it has undergone some wear and tear, it could require an inspection and some repairs. If age and weather have taken their toll, you might need to replace the siding, but how do you know?

The Siding Is Warped or Rotted

There are small damages you can easily have repaired, but warped and rotted siding is often a serious issue that requires a replacement. If you notice warped siding, lift the warped area to take a look underneath. How’s your underlayer? If it’s soft or moist, chances are you have rot settling in, and it’s time to replace the siding.

Your Energy Bills Are Out of Control

When your energy bills continually increase, whether slightly or at a fast rate, you might immediately assume it’s the HVAC system. In reality, there are several factors that could affect your energy bills, with inefficient siding being one. Older homes and siding weren’t insulated like they are today, leading to underperformance. If your siding is letting hot or cold air out of the house, we’re happy to discuss a more effective replacement.

Siding Rot Repair

The Paint Inside Your Home Is Peeling

If you have faulty siding, moisture is going to get inside your home. This could lead to peeling paint or loose wallpaper. Not many individuals realize the siding is the issue, but a quick inspection could reveal damaged siding that needs to be replaced.

Your Siding Has Mold Growth

Typically, mold doesn’t just start growing on the exterior of your siding. If you have noticed mold, mildew, or fungus on your siding, especially near the seams, you could have damaged siding that is allowing water to pool behind the wall. The pooling begins to foster an area where mold can grow, and it eventually finds its way to the exterior. A replacement could be in order if the mold, mildew, or fungus has severely damaged the home.

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Your siding should be in good condition at all times if you want it to perform well. Contact 180 Contractors today to schedule an inspection. We can help you determine whether a replacement is right for your siding.

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