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The Anatomy of a Roof

Many people might underestimate the complexity of a roof, thinking it contains mostly shingles and perhaps a wood underlayer. If that were the case, though, roof leaks would be an epidemic in neighborhoods throughout the nation. In reality, while shingles in most cases form the most visible aspect of a residential roof, other elements must be present to provide true weather protection.

At 180 Contractors, we know what goes into a quality roof and how these components protect the value of your home. Here is a closer look at the anatomy of a roofing system.

Going Beyond Shingles

roof component

Shingles come in a few varieties, but most shingles are made of asphalt and have a lifespan of around twenty years. When installed by a professional roofing contractor, shingles prevent water from penetrating the wood below. Beneath the shingles is an underlayer that is often composed of synthetic material. This layer repels moisture and prevents water infiltration. Additional elements of the roof system work in harmony:

  • The flashing is made of metal and is needed alongside chimneys, dormers, and skylights
  • The ridge vent runs horizontally along the roof peak and exhausts hot air from the attic
  • The roof deck refers to the wooden underlayer
  • A metal drip edge facilitates water runoff in the eave area
  • The hip refers to the intersection of two roof planes and requires special hip shingles

Looking at the Complete Package

A failure of any component in your roofing system could spell trouble. Just one leak has the potential to cause damage to the structure of your home as well as its contents. A quality roofing contractor will understand the functions of all parts of your roof.

If you require roofing services in southeast Michigan, 180 Contractors is committed to your satisfaction. We provide quality roof replacement, roof repair, and roof maintenance for your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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