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Not too many thoughts turn to home improvement as the cold weather settles in. However, the reality is that winter can be a great time to tackle some of those projects. Don’t let the cold season deter you if you have considered siding for your home. There are pros and cons of winter siding installations.

The Pros of Winter Siding Installation

Have you ever tried to book a contractor in the summer? If so, you know that it is their busiest time with more extended waiting periods. You can have their full attention in January. In addition, you may notice the following to be true:

  • The cost may be lower. Less demand for the work creates lower prices. You can save a little money by installing siding in the winter.
  • Summer heat affects siding. The high temperatures can cause the siding to buckle if it’s nailed too tightly. The cooler temperatures of winter cause fewer installation problems.

The Cons of Winter Siding Installation

If the winter is particularly harsh, it could take longer to install the siding. The siding will have to be installed on the home in sections to minimize the amount of cold air entering the space between the siding and the house. In addition, the weather can get too cold for siding. Chilly temps are okay, but the siding could crack if the thermometer dips too far below 40° Fahrenheit. Your contractor will have to keep an eye on weather forecasts and plan accordingly.

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