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What is a Credentialed Contractor?

You cannot afford to compromise when it is time for you to get the roofing done on your property. Not only does it involve your big bucks, but it takes up a lot of your time and effort. Be it choosing the type of roof or shingles, each and every decision that you take is a vital step towards securing a well-done roof over your head. Amongst all the decisions that you need to take during this time, finding a certified contractor is definitely the most important one of them. A credentialed contractor will significantly help in making this long-drawn process an easier and smooth-sailing one. In this blog, we’re going to discuss about what a credentialed contractor really is and why is it so important for you to ensure that your building contractor is a credentialed one.

What is a credentialed contractor?

Contrary to popular belief, a credentialed contractor isn’t the same as a licensed one. Both these are fairly different and denote two separate kinds of roofing builders. A contractor is known as a credentialed one only when they successfully complete special courses and trainings. They receive these credentials from reputable organizations as well as manufacturers in the form of certificates. A license only means that a particular contractor is allowed to install roofs whereas the presence of credentials and certificates signifies that a contractor can competently install roofs for your houses. As a homeowner, knowing the difference can help you select the right kind of roofing professional.

Why is it so important to work with a certified contractor?

Superior Workmanship- Credentialed contractors receive their training from the very best team of manufacturers that they represent. Working with contractors that have manufacture certification would substantially decrease the risk of facing any roofing-related problems in the future. You can rest assured that they will perform quality work on your property that will only increase the integrity and beauty of your house after the work is done.
Good Quality Products- A credentialed contractor has credentials that allow him to order separate materials to work on your property. These materials can be brought directly from factories and are of the best quality. Factory-fresh products can help ensure a longer lifespan for your roof. You wouldn’t need to worry about the roofing materials that go into building your roof when you have hired a credentialed contractor.
Avail Warranty Benefits- You can avail attractive warranty offers while working with credentialed contractors. They are authorized to offer to their customers exclusive warranties. On several occasions, these warranties may even include workmanship warranties and extended material. These might even cover costs of labor, roof replacement work, disposal of old roof, etc. The warranty offers given to you by credentialed contractors may extend longer than manufacture warranties.
Other than this, a credentialed contractor can also offer you with good advice and inputs on every step of the construction of your roof. You can put your faith on their recommendations and be assured that you wouldn’t be at the receiving end of any kind of fallacy. Choose your builders wisely and go for only the ones who have proper manufacture certification on them.
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